Access the Healing Wisdom of your Body

Reprint of an article I wrote for Mosaic Magazine, Winter, 2011.

At the dawn of the 21st century a more holistic health  consciousness has begun to awaken in us. We now suspect that our physical symptoms are not just a sign that something in our body is wrong and needs to be medicated, but a plea for help from the healing wisdom of our body.

What if most of our symptoms, even our physical pain, is simply a request:

* first, for attention, to discover and contact the long neglected part of our body where that symptom is rooted,
* second, to feel for (or interpret) what is the root and the unhealthy situation that has precipitated the symptom,
* third, for support and energy, to make the changes that begin the healing.

Many of us suspect this, but don’t know how to make that connection. If I told you that I could help you listen to, and then empower your body – and journey into a state of wholeness and balance unlike anything you had experienced before – would you give it a try?

For five years I have practiced Chi Nei Tsang because it is the therapy that best reawakens the body’s natural healing intelligence. CNT uses energy, relaxation breathing and gentle touch techniques to connect to the core and engage all levels of consciousness. Because the work is done gradually, the client becomes calm and senses support. The mind quiets, anxiety and fear diminish and space is created to feel.

My client ‘George’ was a good example of the dictum:   “the issues are in the tissues.”  Indigestion and its attendant discomfort were the symptom that brought him to my office. When I questioned him further, he said he often felt depressed, tired and powerless.

George was still carrying the responsibility of raising five children after his wife had passed away, eight years ago.  The weight of his loss had begun to take its toll on him, manifesting in digestive complaints and depression.

Understanding that our breath is an inner bridge that connects all levels of awareness (physical, emotional and spiritual), I encouraged George in the first session to relax and expand his shallow breathing from his chest down into his abdomen.
As his breath descended, he became aware of intense feelings he’d stored deep in his belly.  His breath, along with my gentle Chi Nei Tsang touch engaging his core, made him aware of a place in his belly where an emotional trauma had long been buried.

With the support of my subtle CNT touch, George could breathe and feel, contact and, without thinking, begin to digest his massive grief. He had begun the process of emotional digestion.

George had addressed his core issues, and his physical tissues began to release. His body no longer needed to send the signal of pain. His symptoms were a signal from his deep inner self to let him know that it was time to change, time to heal and grow.

In subsequent sessions, George realized that as he deepened his connection with himself, his body responded by transforming and then resolving internal conflicts. CNT had helped George restore a sense of balance within.

I have witnessed a similar transformation with many other clients who come in with IBS, acid reflux, indigestion, and other symptoms related to a deeper emotional  pain.

When I see this transformation in my clients I am reminded that when one part of us changes, our whole Being changes.

If the healing wisdom of your body was calling, would you take a deeper look?

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