Womb Healing

The Divine Feminine power of the Womb

The deep power of the womb is the essential power of creation.  It is the divine feminine power that created everything that is.

Mapped within every woman is an access point to that divine creative power.  It is this point of energy that directs the soul development of a baby while it is in the womb.  However, when purified and energized it can also enhance the woman’s sould development and power.

The Holy Womb Chakra is a primary resting place of the soul energy.  It is also a connection to karma and to the creation energies of the universe.  Pufification of the womb chakra helps eliminate karmas, negative influences of desire and their play in creating negative karma.  Womb chakra purification and practices can eliminate the negative effects of broken-heartedness, negative sexual experiences and abuse, heal some chronic illnesses and help parents create the highest divine energies for their child during conception and pregnancy.  As well, purification and energizing of the Womb chakra lead to greater connection with the divine energies of creation and miracle energies.

We have entered a time on the planet where the subjugation of women is no longer being tolerated, and the wounding women have endured for centuries is making itself known.  We are entering a time period of the feminine.  This time period was  predicted by the Maya as well as many other traditions including Incan and Vedic.  The great creative power of all that is must return in full force and beauty to the earth and especially to the womb power of women.

Women must re own and harmonize with this divine energy.  It is the source of their power on earth.

Of course, men have a place as well – they must learn to open their hearts.  It is our future.

Healing the Wounds

Through the grace of my teacher in India, you can awaken this power point in you.  Once this is awakened the energy of the divine feminine can be connected.  Through the process of awakening and engaging the womb energy we are recreated in the image of the divine feminine.

When rooted within your womb power point, the divine feminine energy itself brings forward what needs to be cleansed and healed.  Deep wounds (personal and historical) surface for release and healing.

Many clients I see have deep, troubled disconnection with their mothers.  This can be a source of great pain and a perpetual loss of energy as a result of this wounding.  Through the grace of my teacher in India I have been given a specific healing tool to use to heal this disconnection and restore the heartbreak often associated with that disconnection.

Once this healing has begun, the womb power purifies within us.  This purification allows our physical bodies and energy bodies to hold the higher vibratory frequencies that are the divine feminine.  When fully purified, our connection to the divine feminine is no longer an external or ephemeral experience – it is us.

As a woman, this energy is your birthright

Healing Your Relationship with Your Mother

“Releasing and forgiving the past, and letting go of heart pain can be extremely difficult to do, especially when that heart pain has been created in our relationship with our parents. A child has a very sensitive heart. If a child’s heart was wounded in their relationship with their mother or father, a wound is created in the heart that is often carried throughout their life. Our mothers, in particular, have the strongest influence on us, on our life and on our soul.

The effect from a ‘mother wound’ is an inability to give and receive love, which is at the root of our emotional suffering and dysfunction. A heartbreak. This heartbreak leads to depression, insecurity, unworthiness, low self-esteem, and being drawn into inappropriate and damaging relationships. It also affects our spiritual life, it closes us from the flow of love and bliss from the Divine Mother. Only with the Divine Mother’s grace will your life be successful and happy.

The good news is there are powerful formulas from the ancient knowledge to heal this sacred relationship with your mother. As the healing energy begins to flow so will unconditional love grow in your life.

Especially in western countries, children are grown in a painful way. That impact will affect on the soul. Our childhood days’ energy power, that behavior, that clarity mind, the vision, it keeps continuing the rest of your life.”

from Divinelineage Temple in Laytonville  California

4 thoughts on “Womb Healing

    • Hi
      A colleague of mine who also studied in India is teaching these classes in Los Angeles.
      her name is Alx Utterman.
      You can reach her at: Alx uttermann
      Let her know I referred you to her.
      She has studied with our teacher directly for many years.
      Let me know if that email does not work.

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