” In Jan 2012 I changed a job and a province.  I developed terrible digestive problems.  In one week I lost 45 lbs.  Western Medicine offered me tests that were quite unpleasant and invasive, but after determining there were no tumours I was left on my own with much discomfort.  I felt I had to look for some other healing modality.  I contacted Laurelle Johnson and after the first treatment I experienced positive results and my health continued to improve for many weeks.  I knew my body was on the right track to healing.  A few weeks after the second treatment I recovered completely.  Laurelle does her work very intuitively, skillfully and gently, yet the results are powerful.  Thank you Laurelle, I am very grateful for the healing you facilitated.”  Peter P

“”Working with Laurelle has been incredible.  She is a skilled practitioner of Chi Ni Tsang, and my whole body and spirit have significantly benefited from the work we have done.  Laurelle truly takes care of me: all of me.  She acknowledges and supports my spiritual and emotional needs, and strengthens my body to further support and heal.  I have noticed considerable improvement in my body’s inner workings, and a greater sense of peace and connection since I have been working with Laurelle.  Laurelle is an amazing human, and a powerful healer.  I am blessed to have met her and to receive her healing.”  Taina L

“I began seeing Laurelle Johnson in the Fall of 2012.  I was in a pretty dark place & it was immediately clear that this Healer would bring light to my life.
I had a myriad of very deep & old physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual baggage to work through with Laurelle.  After 9 months & 9 sessions of Womb Healing, Chi Nei Tsang,
& Visceral Manipulation, I can truly say my life has been altered on a profound scale.  Laurelle can cut to the core of your suffering with her exceptional intuition & years of experience.  She is one of the most compassionate, loving, wise, powerful, sweet beings I have ever met.  If you have been drawn to work with her, do so.  I was bestowed with the gift of Laurelle, which has brought me tremendous & accelerated healing beyond my comprehension.”
Shannon, Author

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