I teach a number of different classes on specific topics.

Care of the Soul

This is a one day workshop that addresses many different levels of caring for the Soul.

In this course, we will examine what it means to live from the soul, and how to access the energy and direction of the soul to engage in life from a place of power and grace.

We will examine what is the Soul, where in the body do we find the soul.

We will look at the science behind the Body, Mind and Soul, how our thoughts affect our physiology.

Listening deeply to your Body-mind conversation.

Activating the power of forgiveness and healing.

Navigating change with resilience.

Tuning into your Soul’s compass.

Entering the Temple of your Soul, where will will experience the stillness of our core essence and connect with the silence of a quiet mind thru a simple meditation technique.

De-charging for health and healing

This is a course designed for health practitioners or anyone involved in a healing profession, or any  situation that is helping others.  In this short workshop you will  learn important and powerful techniques using the 5 elements to de-charge after working with others to ensure your energy field is clear and you are not taking on the energy you are assisting in releasing.

In this class you will learn specific techniques to de-charge stress picked up from the environment we live and work in, from people we are working with, and life situations we find ourselves in.  You will learn an easy forumla using the elements of nature that effectively restores balance and equilibrium to your life.

Healing thru The Five Element Process  – Meditating with the Shakti Energy Channels

This is a foundation meditation practice that  involves learning an on-going meditation practice, with healing techniques, in order to align with the building blocks of creation — the vibrations of earth, water, fire, sky and air.  More indepth information on this practice can be found at

The Holy Womb Chakra Process

The powerful tools contained in The Holy Womb Chakra Process can help you wash out all of the problems, tensions, misunderstandings, mistakes, soul wounds, and karmas generated through the gripping drama of human relationships.

A strong Womb Chakra — in men and in women — assures a stable, clear approach to love, relationships, healing and physical/emotional/spiritual progress.

This powerful process is taught in a one day workshop that will give you the tools from the ancient palm leaf formulas in the form of mantra and yantra  (a spiritual diagram that expresses the energy of the source from which all souls, and all forms, came, before the drama started.)

For information on when and where these classes are offered, feel free to contact me.


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